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When Timeshares Don’t Work Anymore

Timeshares can sound like a dream come true, but sometimes that dream can become a nightmare. When you visit, the place may seem like a paradise, but then in reality doesn’t work for your budget or schedule. There are many reasons to get rid of a timeshare. I will tell you why I wanted to get rid of my timeshare and how I did it.

My husband and I got a timeshare in order to have a vacation, a guaranteed spot where we could travel and enjoy our time off. When we originally visited, we felt pressured to buy and thought that we would loose the timeshare option if we didn’t sign immediately. When we did sign it, many realities came into play that led to us wanting to get rid of our timeshare.

We quickly became aware of the costs to maintain a timeshare as well as the realities of our schedules. We couldn’t get down as often as we wanted to and it went to waste sitting there.

However, when we decided to sell our timeshare, we became frustrated at the difficulty we had. There were almost no buyers and we realized that if we broke even or lost a little we would be the lucky ones. Many people wind up reselling their timeshare back to the vendor for a fraction of what they spent. It is a sad reality of timeshares.

We felt helpless and could not see the end of this tunnel. We were arguing about how to do this and finally agreed that a professional was needed because we were in over our heads.

get rid of my timeshare

We decided to go to professionals that specialize in timeshares and they helped us get the best deal we could and get rid of our timeshare. We are now free and feel such relief. If your timeshare isn’t working for you, then go ahead and look into the professionals. You’ll be happy you did.